Ooh a blog!

Here I am, sitting in a wet and miserable Le Praz, Courchevel, trying to think of something to do to pass the rest of the night. Exercise? No. Clean? No. Start a blog? Why not!
Long story short, I left my job working as a legal secretary two years ago. In that time I have packed in three months in Asia, two ski seasons in Courchevel, two months working with sheep shearers in the south of Scotland, three months working as a private chef in Scotland and one month in Bali- definitely better than the office life.
I now work mostly as a chef. I am lucky enough to spend my winters in the magical ski resort of Courchevel, in the French Alps. During the summer months I get to explore a bit of my own country working as a private chef in Scotland, and any spare time I have in between is spent travelling to new countries!
I love travelling and a big part of that for me is to explore the different food in each country. Whether it be street food in Thailand, or fine dining in France, I’m intrigued by it all. This Autumn I am heading back to Asia- taking in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. To say I am excited is an understatement!
When my second ski season ended, I found myself at a bit of a loose end. I had no plans for May and June and figured if nothing turned up I would just go on an extended holiday… Fortunately I was in the right place at the right time and was offered work for two months in a bar / chalet in Le Praz, Courchevel.
This is where I find myself now- doing a bit of cooking, cleaning and bar work in The Drop Inn.
Being in the mountains in summer is great. Hiking, biking and sunbathing. It’s amazing to be in 25 degree heat and still be surrounded by snow capped mountains.
When I left Le Praz a month ago everything was still looking like how you would imagine a ski resort would at the end of the season- snowy but a bit dull. Since my departure Spring has now sprung! Everything is a different shade of green, with hundreds of different flowers starting to bloom.
Although the weather has been a bit temperamental- sunburn yesterday and frost bite today. Who would have thought you would be waking up to snow on the 23rd of May!
I’m hoping to share tales and adventures from my travels and work. Hopefully you can join me for the journey.
ionabackpack xo


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