Keeping Busy

This week has gone by relatively uneventfully, but still a few tales to tell. 

The owners of the bar set off on their holidays and I was left in charge for a day until Aiden and Sarah arrived. Everything was going smoothly, the regulars were in and I thought I was going to get away with having an easy shift. No such luck. A couple of French guys came in, and in very broken French / English from all of us (I’m trying to learn), they managed to order two pints. No problem, or so I thought. The keg finished pretty much as I was half way through the first pint. Having never actually changed a barrel before as I always wimp out and get help, I was a bit unsure. I had a rough idea, but next thing I know there’s a huge explosion and I’m stood dripping in Mutzig, gas is streaming out from somewhere continuing to spray me with beer, and the two French guys are stood at the bar peering in trying not to laugh hysterically at the state of me, whilst attempting to look concerned. Again we tried our best to have a conversation about how I should fix this, but considering nobody really knew and nobody knew the right words to say, I just decided to switch the light off and shut the door. Not even an hour into my shift and I’m completely flustered and smell of a brewery. I eventually managed to get the gas to stop, and later on one of the boys very kindly changed the keg for me. 

As I mentioned above I am trying to learn French, but it’s just so hard. Everything I managed to learn at school has been forgotten and trying to relearn it seems impossible. I’ve mastered the basics- bonjour, bonsoir, demi, vin rouge etc, but other than that I’m pretty stumped. I have been using an app called Duolingo which is pretty good for giving the basics but I keep having a strop with it as I’m no good, and I end up deleting it. Although I feel as if we have a bond now as it keeps giving me examples about food and eating.

Yes I do.

At the moment though we are on bad terms and the app has been deleted again, I’ll consider trying to build the bridges again in a few days (maybe).

I was delighted when my friend Sarah arrived the other day- after 4 weeks with mostly guys, it’s been good to have some female company. Since the weather has been pretty miserable we haven’t done very much yet- walking, attempting sports and reading Daily Mail. 

A hot topic of conversation at the minute is the EU referendum. Anyone who knows me will know that politics is not my thing and I really have no idea what’s going on, which is bad I know. I was discussing this with Sarah the other day, it seems for people like us, who work occasionally in Europe, that things could get tricky regarding visas / work permits. After a few moments of silence I had completely forgotten what we had been talking about when Sarah asked- ‘So are you an inny or an outy?’, I looked at her puzzled and answered- ‘what, my belly button?’. That’s about the limit to my politics knowledge and quickly ended that conversation as neither of us could speak for laughing! 

Feeling inspired by the French Open (gutted for Andy), Sarah and I have been trying our hand at tennis. As previously mentioned Le Praz is a bit of a ghost town at the minute. When we walked up to the tennis court to find that it is actually in the middle of a field of horses, I wasn’t too happy. Sarah pointed out the fence which ran ‘between us and the horses’ so off we went, walking through the field to the court. Only to discover when we were half across that the horses were actually on our side of the fence- power walk on to the court. I should mention that Sarah is not phased by horses and finds my fear hilarious. 

The crowd quickly lost interest.

The court wasn’t looking ready for such professionals as us to play. There was no net, chairs strewn down the side, and posts scattered in the middle of the court. This made for an interesting game. After what felt like hours of tennis (probably half an hour max), sore arms from our pathetic attempts to hit the ball and very sweaty faces, we called it a day. I think it’s safe to say tennis is not our sport. The ‘match’ was mostly filled with miss hits and missing the ball entirely. I think the lack of net actually worked in our favour. I don’t think we will be taking tennis up anytime soon! 

The view made up for our terrible tennis.

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