A Blurry Few Days

Again, the weather in Le Praz these last few days has been very unpredictable. It can change so quickly. Often I wake up to a bright sun and clear blue sky, but by the time I have had breakfast and am about to head out, it has clouded over and the rain has started to pour.

Stormy skies.

Considering all of the activities I would like to do are outdoors, this is not ideal. Nevertheless, we have persevered and, due to not really having a choice, we have ventured out in this weather. The rain makes walking on the muddy forest tracks interesting as every step you take could be your last before you end up in a heap on the ground (this happened to me on one occasion on a very steep banking!). 

Even though I have been here for over five weeks now, my fitness levels do not seem to have improved. Walking up the mountain to either Courchevel 1850, or to Lac Rosiere, does not seem to be any easier. Maybe the fact that my diet consists of a lot of coco pops and chocolate is a bit of a giveaway as to why I am no fitter! Although, one afternoon after food shopping when it was actually sunny for once, I decided to head up to Lac Rosiere. Fuelled by a chocolate eclair filled with chocolate mousse (yes, this is a thing) I marched up to Lac Rosiere and got there in record time. The view at the top made the uncontrollable sweating worth while. 

Lac Rosiere.

During my time here I decided to do a bit of a detox. No alcohol for five weeks, which considering I am working in a bar, I thought was a solid effort. Until my friend Emma arrived and it all went very quickly downhill. We heard there was an event down the mountain in Bozel. There would be live music, a bar and a barbecue. Great. 

We decided to have a drink by the lake before we went, and embrace another rare moment of sunshine. We headed back to the bar and had some food, picked up Sarah who had been working, and off we went. We managed to get a lift down to Bozel and headed to the makeshift bar. This was when we realised we had arrived at what appeared to be more of a school disco, with approximately half of the people there actually being children. Thinking this night could go one of two ways, we figured our best option was to go straight in and get a bottle of wine. The look on the French man’s face when we asked for a bottle and not a glass might have been a clue that this was not a big drinking event.

The finest €1.32 fizz.

But copious bottles of rose later, some very questionable dancing, and a lot of new toilet friends, it actually turned out to be a good night. 

Kids disco goers.

The next few days though, not so good. I didn’t know a three day hangover was a thing. A category five three day hangover too. But it is, and it’s horrible. How I managed to produce a roast dinner the next day is an absolute mystery. At least the three of us all felt the same and were in it together. 

The last few days have gone past in a bit of a blur- a lot of self pity, groaning, heads in hands moments, and watching movies to distract ourselves (3 girls in our 20s watching Frozen was acceptable when hungover). 

Finally though, we are over it and have emerged from the other side of the tunnel, ready for a pint (maybe!). We have some more friends joining us tonight for our last few days here. I am sure they will be eventful, as long as I stay away from wine. 

Lac de Bozel.


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