A day in Annecy

We decided to head for a day trip to Annecy. Annecy is an hour and a half north west of us, so it makes a good get away during our ski season when we have been up in the mountains for months. It’s a really pretty city with canals going through the streets, and a lake which you can sail on or cycle round. One of the main reasons for going to Annecy was to donate a bag of clothing which Mollie had brought with her to the refugees who have set up camp in an old school there. We finally found what we assumed was the camp and were met by two women and a man. This was a really bizarre experience as nobody spoke each others language, and to be honest we didn’t really know what to say. They saw the black bin bag draped over my shoulder and took it from me. We tried to explain the bag was filled with clothes, we all smiled at each other, waved and headed off on our way, hoping that we had actually given the clothes to the intended people. 

We found a nice cafe called Les Pietons for lunch, and feeling inspired by the great salads yesterday, we all went for salad again. Mollie and Dzifa stuck with the goats cheese salad and I went for the caprese salad. Three huge plates arrived with our salads and once again we were delighted with our choices. Stuffed from a salad- who would have thought! 

Salad lunch.
We walked around the town for a while, along the canals and through busy shopping streets. It’s much busier than it was at the beginning of April now it’s tourist season. When we were last here we were recommended to go to an ice cream shop called Glacier des Alpes, but we had just finished our meal and couldn’t manage anything else. This time we planned better and left space for ice cream! The shop has a bright yellow canopy so it’s quite easy to find, just off the main restaurant area. So many flavours to choose from, the girl behind the counter was very helpful and managed to explain to us what they were. We ordered two scoops and were lucky enough to receive a free scoop- amazing.

Ice cream!
After our ice creams we decided to head to the lake to try and burn some of it off. The lake side was really busy with art students painting, families picnicking, roller bladers, cyclists, runners and tourists like us wandering along. Being the avid explorers that we are, and also quite childish, we were drawn into the pedalos and headed out on to Lake Annecy. What we thought was going to be a pleasant jaunt around the lake taking in the scenery and the wildlife, turned out to be burning thighs, uncomfortable seating, excessive sweating, terrible steering (by me), and a potential storm. We somehow managed to make it back to the dock all in one piece and dry, but with very sore bums. 

A pedalo is a workout.

The building on the left of the photo is the old prison.

We headed home to Le Praz and had a quiet night in a local bar. 

It’s the last supper tonight before I head home to Scotland for a couple of days. 
Roast beef & Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire puds.


7 thoughts on “A day in Annecy

  1. Looks like an amazing day! It’s always a great feeling when you’re able to incorporate your errands into something fun. Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

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