Ladies who Lunch

More friends have arrived in Le Praz and so more activities have taken place. After a relatively quiet few weeks of walking, these last couple of days have been busy exploring. 

We decided to head across the mountain to Meribel to try to find some sales and get our new ski gear for this coming winter. The journey there pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day, road closures and a near death incident, we should have headed back to Le Praz. Anyway, we continued on our way to Meribel and arrived to a complete ghost town. No people in sight and absolutely nothing open. We walked up and down the street in the hope that we would find somewhere to eat as Mollie was close to fainting with hunger by this point. No such luck. Being in a ski resort without the normal hustle and bustle that goes with it is really bizarre. Along with the lack of snow and bright green mountains, you really wouldn’t think that two months ago we were skiing there. Still no success to find somewhere to eat, we headed back to where we came from and asked a couple we came across if anywhere was open to eat. They pointed us back in the direction we came from to a restaurant called La Cantine d’Alvar. Since we had no other option, we headed back down the road (we came across a chocolate Labrador puppy which we all wanted to steal) and found the restaurant at the side of what would have been a piste. 

Sunshine in Meribel.
We didn’t really know what to expect and had no expectations, the fact we found somewhere open was all we needed. The menu was very small – two salads, two burgers and a steak. Chicken burgers and goats cheese salad was the pick of the day and we were all delighted when they arrived. The salads looked really tasty- nice lettuce, apples, walnuts, tomatoes and a big slice of bread with goats cheese which had been toasted. The chicken burgers arrived on a wooden board with a glass dome lid which was very exciting. Luckily everything tasted amazing and there was no food envy from anyone. After a good feed and an unsuccessful shop, we headed back to Le Praz. 

Since the sun had made an appearance we decided to have a game of tennis. Considering we are all terrible, we played Sophie’s rules. This means 3 a side, the ball is allowed to bounce, and you can help each other to get the ball over the net. After realising just how terrible we are, this soon turned into you are allowed as many bounces as you like and everything is in. It was hilarious, I think we were more tired from laughing at ourselves. 

Wimbledon prep.

Somebody had mentioned the pizza place, The Black Pearl, down in St Bon had opened for the weekend. This is the best place around for pizzas so it was an easy decision to get a take away for our tea. We headed down to pick the food up and got chatting to the man who owns it and also helps prepare the pizzas. He was telling us how he likes to grow a lot of his own herbs and vegetables, and anything he doesn’t buy he sources locally. He let us try some of the ham and it was delicious. It was really interesting talking to him and it was great to hear how enthusiastic he was about his food. The pizzas did not disappoint – can not wait to be back in winter for more. 

Away to bed – food coma! 


One thought on “Ladies who Lunch

  1. I went to Meribel once, many many moons ago, and it was stunning covered in white. It looks so different covered in green. The food sounds delicious and I definitely fancy giving Sophie’s rules tennis a go – there may be a future event at Wimbledon right there? x

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