Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India’s mega city, where no space is left empty. The city has an impressive skyline of skyscrapers, with slums squashed in between. Mumbai has the largest number of millionaires and billionaires in India, but the dramatic difference between rich and poor is very obvious as people park their brand new Mercedes next to a mother and child begging for food. 

Being in Mumbai is very intense. It is such an enormous place, it would take forever to see everything. There are countless museums, art galleries, noteworthy buildings and statues, traditional cinemas and restaurants, and even a coastline to try and see. As well as this, there are of course the markets which seem to pop up everywhere all over India. 

Litter filled beach

If you have a short time, it’s better to choose the things you really want to see and take your time, rather than rushing around everywhere. 

Mopeds everywhere

Staying in the Colaba area gives you a good base to see many different things. As the roads are so busy with bumper to bumper traffic, it’s more efficient to walk short distances. Here you will find the Gateway to India, Mumbai University, The Prince of Wales Museum, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Regal Cinema and Leopold Cafe to name a few. As this area was attacked a few years back, don’t be surprised to be searched by security upon entering certain places. 

Gateway to India

Mumbai is a city where you could spend a lot of time and never get bored. It seems to be constantly changing with new things to see and do appearing quite frequently. 


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