Mysore, India

Heading back to a city was a bit daunting after almost two weeks in more relaxed and quieter areas. 

The overnight train from Hospet (the nearest station to Hampi) to Mysore cost 1,300 rupees (approx £15) in 3 tier sleeper AC class. This was much more comfortable than the bus and getting a good nights sleep was no issue. 

Our accommodation was a basic hostel, Sonder Hostel, costing 500 rupees per night per person in an AC dorm. The location was pretty good and we were close to a few nice restaurants. 

As we arrived before check in, we headed out for some breakfast. We were recommended to go to Green Leaf, just a five minute walk away. This was the first time on my trip where the food hasn’t been great at all. Maybe we ordered the wrong things, but I wouldn’t recommend it. 

The first stop on our brief visit to Mysore was to the main attraction, Mysore Palace. The ticket and entrance system is very disorganised with many different stops for different things, eg leaving cameras, removing footwear and bag checks. The entrance fee is 200 rupees and this includes an audio guide for foreigners. 

The Palace itself is really beautiful with intricate detail and design. The different rooms all decorated with bright blue and gold pillars and archways really catches your eye. No photos are allowed inside the Palace which is a bit frustrating. 

We made a stop at St Philomena’s Catholic Church, one of the tallest churches in Asia. Unfortunately we couldn’t really see inside as there was a lot of construction work going on. We were shown down a stairway which led to corridors running under the church which was pretty cool. 

We made some friends

For tea we ate at The Sixth Hotel. The food here was so cheap- only 100 rupees for curry and rice. Everything was really tasty and I would definitely recommend it for budget travellers. 

Before getting the bus to our next stop, we ventured in to the market. Spices, fruit, vegetables and body paint all line the sides of the streets. The vibrant colours, fresh smells and volume of people give the market a great energy. Most stalls open at about 9am. 


Mysore isn’t as hectic as the bigger cities and people aren’t as pushy for your business. 


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